Vision and Goals

A world where people work under safe, fair and legal conditions.

To provide businesses with the knowledge and tools to help eliminate social compliance risks. To empower workers to advocate for their rights and wellbeing. To promote research and create open source information that enlightens and drives improvement in the industry. To contribute to CSR compliance professional development and promote the healthy development of the industry.

Course introduction

Worker Courses

Verité’s worker courses provide Chinese suppliers with economical and practical worker training programs. Our courses help participants better understand their responsibilities and rights, learn how to use communication and grievance channels, master basic occupational health and safety knowledge and skills, and learn to maintain physical and mental health, so as to create a positive and safe working environment, promote strong communication between workers and management, and improve workers sense of value, satisfaction and engagement at work. This series of courses covers three major topics, including labor rights, occupational health, safety and life skills. We use new communication technology to enable more workers to access the required knowledge, skills and information in an affordable and convenient way.

Supplier Courses

In the process of promoting the continuous improvement of corporate social responsibility management, it is necessary to have a strong social responsibility management structure, policies and procedures, and good coordination and communication mechanisms among different departments. It is also crucial to raise CSR awareness of social responsibility and the applicable skills of the staff. Verité’s supplier capacity-building courses are designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills on this topic and provide them with practical tools and approaches to achieve it. We have nearly 20 years of experience delivering these courses, which provide unique insight into corporate social responsibility, the interpretation of clients’ code of conduct and the discussion of grey areas, the basic knowledge of health, safety and environment, the fundamental framework of an effective social responsibility management system, and the construction of harmonious labor relations.

CSR Professional Courses

As a professional organization that has been working in the field of social responsibility for 20 years, Verité has used its rich experiences in auditing, consulting and auditor training to develop a series of career development courses for CSR professionals, including courses from entrance to leadership levels. The content covers the knowledge, skills, awareness and ethical standards required by CSR practitioners at different stages of career development. CSR professionals can choose courses or topics according to their own needs, they can also contact us for tailor-made courses.

Latest Courses

Mastering the EcoVadis Principles

Coming Soon!

Course: Mastering the EcoVadis Principles for Sustained CSR Performance is coming soon in 2021!

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Optimizing the Responses to EcoVadis Assessment

Optimizing the Responses to EcoVaids will open online on Mar 29,2021. Welcome to sign up!

This in-person, two-day training is intended for internal teams of companies/supplier factories that are responsible for the EcoVadis assessment as well as other types of CSR audits. It provides a deep dive into the criteria, indicators, and rating principles of the EcoVadis assessment, as well as the linkages between the EcoVadis assessment criteria and other CSR assessment criteria, or the Chinese legal and regulatory requirements. Case studies on how to perform basic root cause analysis, to develop and implement CSR management systems for conformance with the standards will be discussed.

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Social Compliance Junior Auditor Course

Coming Soon!

The Social Compliance Junior Auditor Training Course can effectively help new auditors to learn the background, purpose, work scope, and professional ethics of social compliance. Through the training, the auditor will learn to recognize common risks, become familiar with investigation skills, and master management and worker interview skills. The training provides a solid foundation for social compliance auditors’ career development.

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