Training Course One

Type: Online Course

Length: 480 minutes

Date: 2021-03-29

Requirements: post-training quiz, course evaluation



Course introduction

This in-person, one-day training is intended for any company that has completed the initial EcoVadis assessment and is seeking to improve performance results for the reassessment. It will cover topics such as interpretation of certain assessment questions; the appropriateness of documentation provided; and how to address some common issues in collecting documents and answering questions, interpretations of initial assessment results, and prioritization of issues to be addressed for corrective action plan etc. The learning objectives for participants include:


1. improved knowledge of EcoVadis assessment questions;


2. clear understanding of the relevance and appropriateness of documents needed for responding to the assessment questions;


3. identification of ways to improve internal collaboration to facilitate better transparency and to optimize the process for documents/records collection;


4. improved ability to prioritize issues for developing corrective action plans.


Training Agenda