Training Course Two

Type: Offline Course

Length: 120 minutes

Date: 2020-12-23

Requirements: post-training quiz, course evaluation


张小*** 2020-11-01


Course introduction

This in-person, two-day training is intended for internal teams of companies/supplier factories that are responsible for the EcoVadis assessment as well as other types of CSR audits. It provides a deep dive into the criteria, indicators, and rating principles of the EcoVadis assessment, as well as the linkages between the EcoVadis assessment criteria and other CSR assessment criteria, or the Chinese legal and regulatory requirements. Case studies on how to perform basic root cause analysis, to develop and implement CSR management systems for conformance with the standards will be discussed. The learning objectives for participants include:


1. Improved understanding of the linkages of EcoVadis assessment criteria and that of other CSR assessment and local legal and regulatory requirements;


2. Improved ability to identify factory performance gaps with regards to EcoVadis and other CSR assessments;


3. Improved skills in performing root cause analysis on gaps identified;


4. Increased ability in development and implementation of management systems, including prioritization and decision making for continuous improvements of CSR rating performance.


Training Agenda