Causes of Workplace Accidents - Part II

Type: H5 cartoon

Length: 10 min

Requirements: pre-training quiz, watch H5, post-training quiz, course evaluation

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266*** 2020-04-14


266*** 2020-04-14


Course introduction

There are many causes behind a workplace accident, but the root-causes can be summed up with the following factors: people's unsafe behavior, materials that are in unsafe conditions, and harmful working environments and safety management shortfalls. This course will join new workers Daqiang, Tangyuan and Wangcai as they participate in a workplace safety training so that everyone can continue to learn about the factors related to workplace materials and environment in an accident. In addition, you will learn the factors that appear with the combination of people and materials in an accident. After completing this course, you will:

- Clearly understand common equipment defects

- Know common dangers and defects of a workplace setting

- Understand and be able to discuss the implications of people and materials in a workplace