Cultivate Good Habits of Safe Production

Type: H5 cartoon

Length: 11 min

Requirements: pre-training quiz, watch H5, post-training quiz, course evaluation

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391*** 2020-06-06


Course introduction

If your workplace environment is dirty and messy and the products are disorganized and cluttered, people will feel irritated and mentally strained. Such a workplace creates numerous safety hazards that often lead to bruises, collisions, slips and falls. Therefore, the cultivation of good habits surrounding safety production is very important for enterprises and workers. This course will join new workers Daqiang, Tangyuan and Wangcai on their first day of work to help everyone learn about workplace safety. After completing this course, you will:

- Be clear about preparation and inspection before and after the work day

- Understand the DOs and DON'Ts in a multi-person operation

- Be able to articulate the walking rules in production areas