Fire Prevention

Type: H5 cartoon

Length: 9 min

Requirements: pre-training quiz, watch H5, post-training quia, course evaluation

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Course introduction

Fire is an essential tool, and has been for a large part of human history. However, when an uncontrolled fire occurs, people need to escape as soon as possible. Therefore, we need to know the structure and evacuation routes of the building where we work, study or live. If necessary, we need to organize emergency evacuation drills to make everyone familiar with the fire-fighting facilities in the building and the methods of self-rescue and escape. In this way, when a fire accident breaks out, you will find a way out. In this course, Leiren, Tangyuan, Daqiang and other workers discuss the causes and prevention of fire. After completing this course, you will learn:

- What it means to have a fire occur

- Main causes of fire

- Main prevention measures for fire