Harm and Prevention of Toxic Chemicals

Type: H5 cartoon

Length: 9 min

Requirements: pre-training quiz, watch H5, post-training quiz, course evaluation

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Course introduction

With rapid economic development, the use of chemicals has become more common. People are more likely to be exposed to various chemicals in different ways and to different degrees, especially workers who have increased risk of coming into contact with chemicals in the workplace. The impacts of toxic chemicals on health range from mild rashes to acute chronic disease and even cancer. In recent years, high profile chemical disasters have occurred leading to even more serious consequences. This course will help you understand what chemical poison is through the story of Wu Xiaoyan's experience with poisoning. After completing this course, you will:

- Understand what chemical poisons are

- Understand what organic solvent poisons are

- Be able to recognize the signs of acute and chronic benzene poisoning

- Know how to prevent benzene poisoning