Prevention of Lifting Injury

Type: H5 cartoon

Length: 8 min

Requirements: pre-training quiz, watch H5, post-training quiz, course evaluation

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Course introduction

Lifting injuries are also a common injury. A lifting injury refers to accidents such as falling, pinching, object striking, cranes tipping over, etc. that can cause serious harm, often involving heavy objects (including lifting machines or lifting arms) during various operations (including lifting, installation, maintenance and testing). Such injuries include: people hit by unhooked objects, broken steel wire from a crane, a sliding crane, or line hoist, people falling from the lifting machine or overloaded crane, and when lifting equipment mistakenly touches high-voltage line causing electric shock. In this course, through the story in which Wangcai almost hurts Daqiang when operating a traveling crane, you will learn:

- What a lifting injury is

- Situations that will likely cause lifting injuries

- Main measures to prevent lifting injuries