With the advancement of technology and the need for supply chain management, it has been increasingly difficult to meet the demands of enterprises and trainees with traditional training methods. Training large numbers of employees can be costly and inflexible, especially for large-scale enterprises. In response, Verité has used its experience and expertise to develop online courses available on training websites. We utilize the online platform to reach a large number of participants. We also feature experiential learning methods in our online courses, especially for front-line worker training. The core learning contents are delivered in an engaging way through micro-film and animated cartoons. Through our online courses, participants can effectively master relevant knowledge and skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Verité has  developed 40 quality worker courses that mainly focus on occupational health and safety, labor rights, and life skills.

For management and CSR professionals, our training mainly covers social compliance awareness-raising, social compliance management improvement, harmonious labor relationships, labor agent management, investigation skills, root-cause analysis, and decision-making. The main training form is face-to-face teaching. This series of courses is based on adult learning principles, and incorporate case studies, role-playing, games, and pictures to facilitate learning and ensure that the process of learning is an enjoyable and effective for participants. We also offer some online knowledge courses as well.

This training website's main function is to provide convenient and accessible corporate social compliance training course information to manufacturing enterprises, traders, brands, and other partners. Those who seek improvement in any aspect of corporate social compliance management can find corresponding solutions and resources on this website.

As a recognized leader in the field of corporate social responsibility, Verité uses a variety of innovative ways to help multinational companies, factories, government and civil society organizations to understand and overcome the difficulties in achieving fair working conditions in the global supply chain. Our main business includes social audits, consulting, capacity building and research related to corporate social responsibility. Verité created the social audit model that has workers as a key stakeholder; we conduct capability building programs in all tiers of the supply chain, training participants on knowledge and skills related to root cause analysis, problem solving and management system building, etc., our consulting and research programs help  decision makers balance the interests and needs of the business and workers  in the formulation of policies and practices.

Verité is considered to be able to put "vision into action" and is regarded as one of the top performers that can meet the rigorous demand of the market in its professionalism and accountability. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.verite-china.com.

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