With the advancement of technology as well as the need for supply chain management, it has been increasingly difficult to meet the demands of trainees and enterprises with traditional training methods. Especially for large-scale enterprises, training large numbers of employees is costly and inflexible. In response, Verité has used its years of experience to develop online courses on a training website. We not only utilize the online platform to reach a large number of participants, we also extend the philosophy and methods of experiential learning to online courses. The core learning contents are delivered in an engaging way through micro-film and animated cartoons in order for participants to effectively master relevant knowledge and skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

Verité has developed a series of quality worker courses that mainly focus on occupational health and safety, labor rights and life skills. We are also in the process of transferring the courses to management and CSR professionals from face to face classes to online courses.

As a recognized leader in the field of corporate social responsibility, Verité uses a variety of innovative ways to help multinational companies, factories, government and civil society organizations to understand and overcome the difficulties in achieving fair working conditions in the global supply chain. Our main business includes social audits, consulting, capacity building and research related to corporate social responsibility. Verité created the social audit model that has workers as a key stakeholder; we conduct capability building programs in all tiers of the supply chain, training participants on knowledge and skills related to root cause analysis, problem solving and management system building, etc., our consulting and research programs help  decision makers balance the interests and needs of the business and workers  in the formulation of policies and practices.

Verité is considered to be able to put "vision into action" and is regarded as one of the top performers that can meet the rigorous demand of the market in its professionalism and accountability. 

Guide to Training Website

第一步:输入网址:  www.veritetraining.com,进入下图页面(手机版为例)。这是“维泰培训网”,主要以介绍和展示维泰培训业务及内容为主。培训可以分为员工课程、企业课程、CSR专业人士课程。您可以先注册会员帐号,再登录观看相关内容。


第二步注册:1.如果是项目工厂的学员,请用工号和分配的密码登陆 2. 如果是首次访问本网站的访客,请先注册一个帐号,再登录查看相关内容。访客可以浏览网页内容和所有课程介绍,也可以体验三门开放课程(人际关系管理、营养与健康、个人卫生与传染病预防)的学习。如果有希望学习更多课程,请联系我们: vchina@verite-china.com .







第六步:完成“课后测试”之后,请继续进行红框中的“课程评价”,然后点击“完成”,回到个人中心。PS: 即使答案没有全对,也需要进行课程评价哦!测试题中的问题如果您没有全部回答正确,页面会提示哪道题回答错误,您可点击右侧的小箭头查看正确答案,您也可以选择“再测一次”。





如在使用过程中遇到问题,请联系我们: vchina@verite-china.com . 祝您学习愉快!